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         Welcome to the official site of Dixie Overhead Shelving, we look foward to providing you with exceptional help and the best made garage organization solutions!
        We offer many different types of garage shelving solutions from Overhead Shelving to Pallet Rack.  The most ideal storage solution that we offer is Overhead Shelving.
        All of our shelving we offer is manufactured and assembled in USA.  Therefor you know your receiving a strong and quality american made product.  We handle all our products with great care and always install them to satisfy your needs.

        When you contact us at Dixie Overhead Shelving, you are assured first class service.  We are located in the greater Houston area, serving from Katy to the Woodlands and all the way down to Galveston, For order information call (713) 294-4168.  We are also branched out to Chicagoland area.  For order information in the Chicago area call (708) 692-3813.   
        We can also ship our products directly to you with directions for installation or you can follow the directions that are provided online under the type of rack ordered, for order information call (713) 294-4168.

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          Houston Location                                          Chicago Location
        Phone (713) 294-4168                                  Phone (708) 692-3813
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